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    Elbow Brace with Hand Grip and Sling Stabilizer

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    Designed to rehabilitate the elbow

    ligaments and tendons post-surgery, fractures, and trauma. With the simple moving of a pre-marked dial, the flexion and extension of the elbow can be adjusted in 15° increments. Allowing patients specific control over the range of movement to increase mobility while ensuring protection for the recovering elbow. With the pull of a button, the length of the bicep or forearm can be extended or shortened for a custom fit. The elbow brace also includes a sling that attaches to the elbow brace and suspends the arm and helps support the shoulder.


    1.Padded lined malleable aluminum cuffs for a perfect fit

    2.Light weight but streamlined durable aluminum hinge provides maximum protection

    3.“Pull pin design” enables easy release for Slide-to-Size length adjustments

    4.Simply press and rotate hinge with lock, Extension limitation from 0° ~ 105°, Flexion limitation from 0° ~ 120°, Lock limitation from 0° ~ 90°, Adjustable in every 15 degrees

    5.Anti-supination/pronation Arm Bar Kit is available


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