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    Knee Joint Fixation Bracket Adjustable Hinged Knee Patella Brace

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    Products Description


    The material of the black knee orthoses is titanium magnesium alloy and medical OK cloth, with high-quality composite cloth, soft and comfortable design to form a curved arc.


    The knee orthoses are by the liner, cushion, knee pads, buckles, locking pin, Angle adjustment plate, stainless steel pipe frame, aluminum frame or aluminum oxide, plastic straight-set blocks, the buckling limit, thimble, etc.

    Applicable people

    The knee orthoses are suitable for recovery after knee surgery, the medial and lateral ligaments,and posterior cruciate ligament injury or postoperative recovery. It also applies to knee loosening and postoperative rehabilitation of arthritis or fracture, etc.


    This product is designed according to the clinical experience of experts and the actual needs of patients. It is fixed support for the recovery function of the knee joint and it can be easily adjusted, is suitable for different people to use in order to correct deformities, so as to effectively assist recovery treatment.

    Adjustable mobility

    As you progress through your recovery, you’ll need more or less extension and flexion capabilities. The bilateral range-of-motion settings can be adjusted between 0° – 120° of flexion and 0° – 90° extension.

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