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    Knee Brace with Patella Gel Pads and Side Stabilizers - Knee Sleeve

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    Products Description

    Number of Pieces: Combo
    Material: Composite Material
    Model Number: A02253
    Effect: Bone Care
    Item Type: Braces & Supports
    Application: Leg

    • ALLEVIATE PAIN AND DISCOMFORT - When it comes to joint health and knee support, there’s no room for compromise. The Modvel Performance Knee Brace is here to offer you that much-needed pain relief and support to keep you moving in comfort.
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN BY EXPERT ORTHOPEDISTS - Designed with an eye for detail, our wraparound knee brace is made of high-quality, breathable, hypoallergenic neoprene. Easy to put on comfortably over or under your clothes, the Modvel Performance Knee Brace will help you keep moving. Our specially designed knee brace retains heat, relaxing tense muscles and increasing blood flow to the knee to stave off pain and speed up the healing process.
    • MAXIMUM COMFORT AND OPTIMAL SUPPORT - The Modvel Performance Knee Brace is lightweight and breathable, snugly enveloping the knee with an exclusive 3-strap system that snugly offers soothing relief from knee pain. High quality hook-and-loop fasteners allows the Modvel Performance Knee Brace to be customized for your distinct body shape and level of snugness. Made of extra-comfortable and non-slip neoprene, the brace supports every angle of movement, all day long.
    • BOOST PERFORMANCE - Whatever your style, The Modvel Performance Knee Brace has you covered. From runners to weightlifters to gymnasts, and from to tennis to basketball to football players, the Modvel brace can move with you. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis, ACL injury, Meniscus tear, or just general joint pain, the Modvel medical-grade knee support brace will promote a swift recovery, reducing inflammation and the risk of further injury.
    • GREAT FIT FOR MEN AND WOMEN: The best knee brace stabilizer, men and women will experience a perfect fit that relieves pain!
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