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    Pendant Neck Massager

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    New hanging neck pendant neck massager,

    Lightweight and convenient, you can take it with you anywhere and massage it anytime, anywhere.

    Power on

    Short press the power button to power on the default: when the power is turned on, the mode is a massage icon by default, and the digital display is "0".


    Long press the power button to shut down, if no operation for 30 seconds, it will automatically shut down.

    Massage Mode

    6 massage modes, short press the power button to switch modes.

    Warming mode

    level heating function mode, press the "fire" sign, increase to 3-level temperature adjustment, continue to press the button to cycle the above "1, 2, 3," step state.

    Electrode Mode

    15-level gear strength switch, short press "+" or "1" to schedule the strength, continue to press the button to cycle through the above "1, 2, 3.....15" step states.

    How to use

    Coat the electrode with gel or water, stick it to the skin and put it on the neck. The electrode mode is adjusted from the first gear to the comfortable gear. Do not use the 15th gear directly when the machine is turned on.

    Charging method

    The TYPE-C charging red power indicator flashes, and the blue light is always on when fully charged.

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